Water Testing

Water sample laboratory analysis Should I Test the Water?

We all know that drinking enough water every day improves our health, energy, and focus. Americans spend nearly $12 billion a year on bottled water. But what about the water you bathe in or use to wash your laundry and cook your signature pasta dish? Having your water tested routinely is important whether your water comes from a public source or a private well. The situation in Flint taught us many things including the importance of conducting our own water quality tests.

Contaminants in drinking water can be naturally occurring or caused by human activity. Water may look, taste, and smell just fine, but many pollutants can’t be detected by our senses alone. Our water testing and analysis will detect very low levels of contaminants (nitrates, E. coli, and bacteria, for example) that can affect your health and that of your loved ones. Good water quality is especially important if you plan to move into a new home and have children, are pregnant or nursing, have an elderly parent or someone with chronic health issues.

If you’re buying a new home, you’ll want to know whether you need to take steps to improve the quality and safety of your water. This information will inform you as to the cost involved with installing and maintaining a water treatment system should your new home need one. We don’t sell water treatment systems and have no stake in the results of your water testing. We just want you to have the facts so you to make sound financial decisions.

Water Testing costs $150. It takes 3 to 5 days for all the results to be in and then we email you the detailed report.