91.74% Increase in ROAS and 69.98% Increase in Organic Transactions

SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click)

What we did

Our team were tasked with improving the Organic Search and Paid Google Ads channels for the website, and we achieved some excellent results.

Paid Google Ads

  • 50.35% Increase in PPC Transactions
  • 68.41% Increase in PPC Revenue
  • 91.74% Increase in ROAS (Return on ad spend)

Organic Search

  • 76.92% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 69.98% Increase in Organic Transactions
  • 127.67% Increase in Organic Revenue


As a leading seller of high-quality tooling, mechanical components and lighting solutions, our client is an e-commerce business that sells to a wide array of markets such as the aerospace, industrial, rail, defence and motorsport sectors.

The Brief

The client asked us to increase the organic traffic, sales and revenue for their products by creating compelling content and optimising the content that was already on their site. 

We were also tasked with conducting an off-page SEO campaign and increasing the overall authority of the website in search engines.

Paid Ads

What We Did

We conducted an initial review of the account and found a lot wrong with it.

During this project, we:

  • Paused low-performing campaigns
  • Adjusted targets on campaigns that were set to bid for a low return
  • Expanded campaigns that were performing well
  • Improved bidding optimisation on manual campaigns
  • Fixed ad schedules and ad schedule bidding
  • Removed low-performing site links
  • Removed display targeting from search campaigns

The Results

  • 91.74% increase in ROAS
  • 50.35% growth in transactions
  • 68.23% increase in revenue

Organic Search

What We Did

  • Created a 6-month content strategy based on SEO research and competitor analysis to utilise a market gap in target keywords
  • Conducted a content audit and implemented extensive actionables to boost existing blog posts in search results
  • Optimised meta titles and descriptions for existing content to increase the click-through-rate
  • Eradicated orphaned pages throughout the site with internal links to relevant product category pages
  • Added featured products in new and existing blogs with links to the relevant product pages
  • Increased backlinks to the site as part of the off-page SEO campaign we conducted

The Results

  • Organic traffic had a sharp increase of 76.92% YoY
  • Overall organic sales increased by 69.98%, leading to a 127.67% increase in revenue YoY
  • Over 10,000 words of valuable content marketing were generated and published on the website
  • Average organic keyword positioning increased by 55 places over 6 months

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