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Social media marketing helps to build a business’ reputation online. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience say they will likely recommend it to others.

We are able to create bespoke social media strategies to benefit any type of business positively.


81% of all small and medium businesses use social media.

Source: Mashable


71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

Source: Ambassador


70% of social media time is spent on mobile

Source: Meltwater


89% of B2B marketers use content marketing strategies.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Why is social media important for businesses?

Social media marketing builds a business’ reputation both online and offline. 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Strategies can be put together so that online businesses, service businesses, and bricks and mortar businesses all positively benefit from the power of social.


Build trust between your brand and potential customers

Build your influence within your industry

Make the most of your site’s traffic

Create greater awareness around your brand

Which businesses can Social Media benefit from?

Social can help a range of different types of businesses, including but not limited to:




Professional Services

Our Social Media Success Stories

Skiers under ski lift riding up to ski resort
78+ new leads
Social Media Management
French Chalet Experience Provider
Doctor taking bloog pressure from patient
2,174,825 Additional Impressions Achieved
Social Media Management
Private Healthcare Network

Our process


Research, Planning & Setup

The first step is to complete a full audit of your current website and/or other marketing efforts. We use tools such as Google Search ConsoleGoogle AnalyticsaHrefsSEMrush and ScreamingFrog to dive deep into the infrastructure of your website. If you have not already signed up for Google Search Console or Google Analytics, then this will be one of the first tasks that we do. We not only analyse your website, but we also take the time to see what your competitors are doing so we can get an edge over them.

After we understand your current website in full detail from a technical, content and user perspective and have reviewed competitors, we begin our keyword research. Armed with the keywords we are looking to target, we build a plan on which content to create around the keywords. We build on current assets on your website but also from our competitor research we are able to identify gaps to increase your search rankings.

So that your campaign can hit the ground running, we will can build dedicated landing pages. They are built to convert and will be fully optimised for the user and Google.


On-page Optimisation

At the start of the campaign, we usually identify “low hanging fruit” and this tends to be optimising meta descriptions, titles and building the internal link structure. Usually if there are any immediate user experience issues such as slow page speed then this is something that we get to work on quickly.



Content Creation

As part of your inbound marketing strategy, you will need great content. This may be in the form of ebooks, blogs or infographics. You get a limited chance to make an impact once visitors land on your site, you must position yourself as an authority figure. Our content marketing team can aid the build of solid content marketing campaign.



Link Building

One of the longest standing factors in search results has been to concentrate on acquiring backlinks to your website. Years ago, it was a case of building as many links to your websites as possible disregarding the quality of websites you were linking from. As search engines have advanced, you must build links from quality websites as opposed to building links from spammy websites. The key is not only to build links to websites with a high Domain Authority (DA) but to make sure that those sites are relevant to your industry.




We send you easy-to-digest reports at agreed points in time without the confusion. We avoid using technical language to align with our values of being transparent. We want you to be able to see things clearly so that you can properly understand the results you are getting and what work we put in to get the results.


Our services

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook and Instagram are good advertising platforms, where you can target people using their key characteristics such as age, gender, interests and much more. You can not only reach these people but you can retarget them, once they have visited your website. These campaigns have a great ROI as there is so much data out there, we are able to laser target your audience.


What Are The Benefits Of Facebook Ads Management

Content Creation

Social media is very content hungry and if you neglect any platform even for a short time it can really affect your relationship with your audience. We create engaging content that will get liked, shared, commented on and ultimately lead to more business for you.


What Do Our Content Creation Services Include?

Social Media Management

We can take away the day to day stress of managing your business’ social media. We understand how time-consuming it is to own social media accounts so, our social media management services will enable you to focus your time running your business. We create your accounts, schedule posts, create content, build your community and keep up your online reputation.


What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Management?

Social Media Consultancy

Your social media presence is part of your business’ identity which is why it is so important that you share your message in the right way. In a noisy environment, we want your voice to be heard loud and clear. Sometimes it is difficult to know which channels to put your time and effort into, which is why we use our experience to research which platform is best suited to your business. Our goal is to listen to what your audience is saying and create appropriate posts and dialogue, not just noise. We will ensure you stay relevant and thrive online through our bespoke consultancy services


What Is Included In Our Social Media Consultancy Services?

Why choose Fly High Media?

We are a friendly, ROI focussed agency and we put your business values at the epicentre of what we do. We carefully craft a measurable strategy that is designed to make you more money and build your brand online. We are constantly monitoring Google’s latest algorithm updates to ensure that we are using the most up to date strategies to get the best results for your business.

Our latest Social Media blog posts

Social media marketing involves promoting your business on various platforms to reach and engage your target audience. It’s ideal for business owners seeking to expand their online presence, connect directly with customers, and drive brand awareness. By leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can create compelling content, run targeted ads, and build a loyal community. Social media marketing can be a powerful tool to increase sales and establish a strong online brand identity.

Social media management involves the strategic handling of a business’s online presence across various social platforms. It encompasses content creation, scheduling, engagement, and analysis. For business owners, it offers a powerful way to connect with the target audience, build brand identity, and drive growth. If you seek to enhance your online visibility, engage customers, and foster brand loyalty, Fly High Media can assist all businesses with this.

Social media has revolutionised marketing by offering direct access to a vast, engaged audience. It enables precise targeting, cost-effective campaigns, and real-time interaction, all vital for business growth.

With analytics, you can measure ROI accurately. However, success requires consistent effort, creative content, and understanding your audience. If you seek personalised and data-driven marketing that adapts to modern consumer behaviour, social media is the perfect option for your business. It fosters brand loyalty, expands reach, and maximises impact.

At Fly High Media, we specialise in promoting businesses on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We devise tailored strategies to engage your target audience, create compelling content, manage ads, and monitor performance. Ideal for business owners seeking brand exposure, customer engagement, and lead generation. We handle complex tasks, freeing your time and ensuring an effective online presence. If you seek to expand your brand’s reach and connect with customers online, contact us today.

The average cost of social media marketing in the UK varies widely based on factors such as business size and strategy. If you are on a limited budget then you might spend around £300 – £700 per month, while if you are looking to get established quicker, you should consider investing around £1,000 – £5,000 or more per month. The expense depends on the chosen platforms, ad types, content creation, and management. Social media marketing can be effective for businesses seeking targeted online exposure and engagement. Costs align with the scope of goals and resources available, making it a flexible option suitable for businesses of different sizes. It’s crucial to assess your budget and objectives before deciding on this marketing approach.

Absolutely, social media marketing is highly effective for businesses. It offers remarkable reach, engagement, and targeted audience connection. By leveraging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, businesses can build brand awareness, engage directly with customers, and drive leads and sales. The data-driven nature of social media allows for precise targeting, maximising ROI. It’s an essential tool for modern businesses, enabling cost-efficient advertising and real-time customer interaction, regardless of industry or size. Embracing social media marketing can amplify your brand’s impact and drive tangible business results.

Creating content for social media involves crafting engaging posts, images, and videos tailored to your business’s target audience. It’s a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, offering cost-effective reach and the ability to build brand identity. Determine your goals, understand your audience, and choose platforms wisely. Share valuable and relevant content, including product updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and user-generated content. Consistency is key; establish a content calendar and interact with your audience through comments and messages. Evaluate metrics to refine your strategy. Social media marketing can effectively boost brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately, business growth.

A social media consultant is a professional who strategises and manages your business’s online presence across various social platforms. They craft tailored plans to enhance brand visibility, engage with your target audience, and drive business objectives. If you seek effective, real-time interaction with customers, increased brand recognition, and a personalised marketing approach, Fly High Media can help. We offer expertise in navigating the dynamic landscape of social media, making it a valuable marketing avenue for businesses aiming to connect and thrive in the digital age.

Social media marketing can be a useful tool for businesses of all sizes. Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn offer diverse audiences and ad formats to suit various business goals. Visual-heavy industries often thrive on Instagram, while B2B ventures find traction on LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter cater to broader demographics. The platform selection should align with your target audience and content type. Assess your goals, resources, and audience preferences to determine the best fit. Remember, each platform demands tailored strategies.

Social media marketing offers numerous benefits for business owners seeking effective promotion. It provides unparalleled access to a vast audience, allowing precise targeting and engagement. This dynamic platform fosters brand awareness, customer loyalty, and direct interaction. Through cost-effective campaigns, it boosts website traffic, lead generation, and sales conversion. Analytics empower you to measure success and refine strategies. In today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is indispensable for staying competitive and relevant, ensuring substantial growth and success for your business.

To enhance your social media following as a business owner, focus on quality social content that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience. Regularly upload engaging posts, including images, videos, and informative captions.

Utilise relevant hashtags and engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages promptly. Collaborate with influencers or partners to expand your reach. Paid advertising can also be effective for reaching a wider audience. Remember, building a genuine online community takes time, so be patient and persistent. Assess your goals and resources to determine if social media marketing suits your business objectives and resources.

While buying followers might seem like a quick boost, it’s not an effective strategy for genuine business growth. Authentic engagement and relationships matter more than metrics. Fake followers won’t interact with your content, hurting your credibility and algorithm performance. Instead, focus on creating quality content, engaging with your target audience, and using ethical marketing methods to build a loyal and interested follower base that can lead to meaningful business results.

As of January 2023, approximately 4.72 billion people are using social media globally. This immense user base signifies a vast potential audience for businesses seeking effective marketing avenues. Social media offers unparalleled reach, targeting options, and engagement possibilities, making it a compelling platform for businesses to connect with their target audiences.

The most popular social platform varies over time, but platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the top contenders. Deciding on the right platform for your business depends on your target audience and marketing goals. Facebook offers broad reach and diverse ad formats, Instagram is visual and engaging, while LinkedIn caters to B2B networking.

Engagement rate is a crucial metric to assess the effectiveness of social media marketing. To calculate, sum up likes, comments, shares, and other interactions, then divide by your follower count. This percentage reflects your audience’s level of involvement. For businesses, a high engagement rate signifies strong connections with customers, brand loyalty, and potential for increased reach. If building relationships and fostering customer loyalty align with your marketing goals, focusing on engagement-driven strategies can be highly beneficial.

You have control over deleting comments on your social posts, but erasing bad reviews isn’t always possible. Transparency is key: Address negative reviews professionally, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction. Responding thoughtfully can enhance your credibility. Remember, authenticity matters in building lasting customer relationships. Embrace feedback as a chance to improve and showcase your dedication to quality.

An ad on social media is a paid promotional content designed to reach a targeted audience. It’s a strategic investment to increase visibility and engagement, offering precise targeting options and clear performance metrics. On the other hand, a post is organic content shared on your profile to connect with your followers. While both are valuable, ads provide a controlled approach for reaching specific goals, making it ideal for businesses aiming to expand their reach, drive conversions, and measure ROI. Balancing posts and ads can maximise your online presence and suit your marketing objectives effectively.

Social media marketing can benefit both B2B and B2C businesses, but the approach varies. B2B enterprises tend to focus on platforms like LinkedIn for professional networking and lead generation. B2C businesses often thrive on visually engaging platforms like Instagram and Facebook to connect with consumers. Tailor your strategy to your target audience and industry. Effective social media marketing hinges on understanding your clientele and delivering relevant content that resonates with their needs and preferences.

Absolutely, outreach is vital for your social media strategy. It enhances brand visibility, builds relationships, and fosters community engagement. By connecting with your target audience directly, you establish trust and authenticity, driving brand loyalty and customer retention. This approach suits businesses seeking meaningful, long-term customer relationships.

For business owners considering social media marketing, key metrics to track include engagement rates, conversion rates, and reach. Engagement rates measure interaction with your content, indicating audience interest. Conversion rates show how many users turn into customers. Reach indicates your brand’s visibility. These metrics help gauge your campaign’s effectiveness, refine strategies, and ensure a positive return on investment.

Outsourcing social media marketing offers distinct advantages for businesses. Expert agencies bring specialised skills, industry insights, and up-to-date strategies, amplifying your online presence. This allows you to focus on core operations while professionals manage campaigns, content creation, and analytics. Moreover, outsourcing often proves cost-effective, eliminating the need for in-house hiring and training. By leveraging external expertise, businesses can adapt swiftly to evolving social trends and algorithms, ensuring a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

Building a robust social media community for your brand involves engaging content, consistent interaction, and authentic conversations. Determine your target audience and platform, create valuable and shareable content, and encourage user participation. Respond promptly to comments, messages, and feedback to foster a sense of connection. Show the human side of your brand, listen to your audience, and adapt your strategy accordingly. Social media marketing can be highly effective, especially for businesses aiming to connect with diverse audiences and cultivate brand loyalty in today’s digital landscape.

The best time to post on social media for business owners depends on your target audience and platform. Generally, for B2B, weekdays during work hours are effective. For B2C, evenings and weekends can be better. Study your analytics to pinpoint optimal times. Social media marketing is valuable for most businesses, enhancing brand visibility and engagement.

Social media marketing can be effective for a range of businesses, but success depends on factors like target audience, goals, and content strategy. It’s ideal for brand awareness, engagement, and building customer relationships. However, businesses in niche markets might find other strategies more suitable. Assess your audience, industry, and objectives to determine if social media aligns with your marketing goals. At Fly High Media, we can assess if social media is the perfect marketing platform for your business.

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