291% Increase in Organic Search Traffic and a 254% Increase in Keyword Rankings

SEO (search engine optimisation)

What we did

We put a full focus into increasing the organic presence for the website in search results, with the aim to increase traffic and leads generated through SEO.

Organic Search

  • 50.06% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 254% Increase in Keyword Rankings
  • 290.91% Increase in Organic Conversions


Specialists in the design, building and testing of bespoke low voltage distribution solutions have turned to us to increase their online presence and aid the growth of their market share amongst the competitors in their niche area of expertise.

The Brief

The first goal for the client was to generate more high-quality enquiries through their website, and secondly to increase their visibility to competitors and stakeholders both online and offline. 


What We Did

In the last 12 months, we have: 

  • Using keyword research, we have created new category and subcategory pages for the business’s most popular products (these have also been added to the menubar navigation)
  • Created interactive hotspot images for some of the most popular products on the relevant landing pages
  • Implemented alt tags across images on the website
  • Improved and added meta titles and descriptions to any pages with duplicates or were missing them
  • Implemented contact forms across all landing pages and blog posts across the website to help increase conversions
  • Improved website speed via image and code compression

In order to help the website rank for specific target keywords, we conducted a competitor analysis to find out more about the niche industry of low voltage distribution solutions, who the key competitors are, and what we need to offer the target customer, in order to be seen as a figure of authority in the industry.

A content strategy was one of the first things we dove into, ensuring that all specialist aspects of the solutions on offer were written about in detail, and offered value to the reader. Because of the specialist nature of these topics, our content team worked closely with the client to establish a level of understanding and fact-check content to ensure it is both strong from an SEO standpoint and adheres to the facts and recommendations within the industry. 

We have also analysed the content on pages which already existed on the website, and set out a plan to improve on what is already there. Firstly, we increased the word count of specific landing pages to increase the visibility of the content, and aid it to rank higher in organic search. 

Competitive analysis showed us that the most efficient way to reach target audiences was through Frequently Asked Questions – we have researched, written and implemented these on several key critical areas of the website.

Further research has also identified a need for new dedicated landing pages to be created, in order to showcase the relevant information of specific systems.

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