75.58% Increase in Organic Traffic and a 50% Increase in Keywords Ranking on Page 1 of Google

SEO (search engine optimisation)

What we did

We focused on two online channels for traffic and sales: organic search and paid Google ads.

Organic Search

  • 75.58% increase in organic users
  • 214.2% increase in backlinks due to our content strategy
  • We increased keywords with SERP features by 7866.67%
  • Keywords ranking on the first page of Google increased by 50.1%

Paid Google Ads


This small online travel pharmacy specialises n the niche area of travel products but the focus was on administering and selling travel vaccinations to consumers. They did this by an online booking system, with locations for appointments in the Midlands.

The Brief

This client came to us looking to increase their online visibility during the Covid pandemic as they were issuing Covid Recovery Certificates at the time. Their ideal customer was unvaccinated people who required a recovery certificate 

What We Did 

Paid Google Ads

We conducted extensive research on our client’s ideal customer and created multiple campaigns tailored to individuals who were looking to travel during the Covid pandemic whilst unvaccinated.

Organic Search

In the first 6 months of the SEO campaign, we:

  • Achieved full optimisation of the on-page elements of the website. This included addressing missing and duplicate metadata.
  • Performed a technical SEO audit to rectify any issues with the website and primarily increase the site speed. 
  • Successfully incorporated alt text for all images on the website that were previously missing.
  • Designed a new sitemap to improve the user experience.
  • Rewrote product descriptions to boost keyword rankings and increase sales.
  • Wrote and implemented FAQs on main category pages, along with FAQ schema.
  • Created and implemented a successful off-page SEO strategy, which included publishing guest blogs on relevant-subject websites.
  • Created quarterly content strategies in line with seasonal subjects and products the client wanted to push. These pieces of content were published weekly and written in article form.

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